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SNP Data :
UC Davis SNP Project

Project Marker Data :
CIR marker data
DOW marker data
DPL marker data
Gh marker data
HAU marker data
MGHES marker data
MON marker data
MUSB marker data
MUSS/MUCS marker data
NAU marker data
NBRI marker data
PGML RFLP-SSR marker data
STV marker data
TMB marker data

Mapped Marker Data :
Mapped data

Molecular Diversity and Association Mapping Data:
208 exotic landrace stock accessions
77 photoperiodic variety accessions
Combined data
335 upland germplasm

Primer Sequences :
All primers
BNL primers
CIR primers
CM primers
DOW primers
DPL primers
Gh primers
HAU primers
JESPR primers
MGHES primers
MON primers
MUSB primers
MUSS/MUCS primers
NAU primers
NBRI primers
STV primers
TMB primers

Recent CMD Presentations :
Plant & Animal Genomes XIX Conference 2011
ICGI Research Conference 2010
ICGI Research Conference 2008
Beltwide Cotton Conference 2008
Plant and Animal Genome 2008
Plant and Animal Genome 2007
World Cotton Research Conference 2007
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SSR Primer Redundancy :


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