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DPL: SSR Markers Derived from Microsatellite-Enriched Genomic Libraries of Gossypium hirsutum

  • Contributor

    Delta and Pine Land Company
    737 Blaylock Road
    Winterville, MS 38782, USA

  • Project Description
    The DPL ( Delta and Pine Land Company) SSR markers were developed from G. hirsutum small insert genomic libraries enriched with multiple microsatellite motifs. These 200 markers were chosen to be deposited in the CMD because each one of these markers is mapped at only one location in the RILs of G. hirsutum cv. TM-1/G. barbadense cv. 3-79. All the 200 DPL markers have been mapped, and screened on the CMD standardized panel. Their exact map locations will be published in the paper by Yu et al. (manuscript in preparation).

         View/ Downloadthe standardized panel screened DPL marker data (200).


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